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What they’ve said about Micah Gilbert . . .

  • ‘[Gilbert’s songs] are colorful, pleasingly rich in fine details . . . loaded with hooks and wry, thoughtful gems of insight as catchy as they are pointed’. (Jeff Payne, Flagpole, Athens, Georgia)
  • ‘He is able to interweave some wonderful aural moods with lyrics that evoke vivid images, and while most songwriters use sparseness to draw attention to their lyrics, Gilbert uses the musical and lyrical elements of a song as complements, and we are left transfixed by both of them’. (David Bash, Amplifier, Massachussets)
  • Book of Changes is Micah Gilbert’s first album, but it’s hardly a fledgling effort. Gilbert has been writing and playing his songs as a solo artist and in bands since he was a teenager in Columbia [South Carolina]. These songs, though, are the most fully developed and exciting of his career. . . . Possessed of an exploratory intelligence and few prejudices, Gilbert has absorbed a variety of musical styles and influences. His adventurousness and attention to detail are evident in the songs and arrangements of Book of Changes . His songs acknowledge the past without becoming moribund museum pieces or superficial nostalgic kitsch. He simply writes great songs and plays them with imagination and commitment. . . . Book of Changes is consistently entertaining without pandering to the listeners’ lowest expectations, and is intriguing without indulging in hip obscurantism. . . . Taken together [the songs] make up an extraordinary vision of the possibilities of contemporary songcraft’. (Chelsea Snelgrove, The Point, Columbia, South Carolina)
  • About Book of Changes: ‘Yet another gem from the musical oasis of Athens, GA. Gilbert spent time with a popular Athens group called Magister Ludi, but this dreamy, melancholy set of almost-baroque pop tunes is likely to raise his profile considerably. Many tunes exhibit bits and pieces of a John Lennon/Revolver-era Beatles influence, but mostly Gilbert’s minor key excursions into the mystic are his own. A keeper’. (Luke Torn, The Austin Chronicle, Austin, Texas)
  • ‘What Gilbert does, he does well. . . . distinct and memorable melodies and intelligent lyrics within the same song . . . Gilbert’s pop craft is in abundance on Book of Changes. . . . [He is] someone who actually writes and sings with intelligence but doesn’t forget that the key element of pop is melody’. (Bruce Folkerth, Flagpole, Athens, Georgia)
  • ‘This guy WRITES songs, not just plays them. Skillful, well-crafted intelligent lyrics, catchy Crowded House, John Lennon subtlety . . .’ (Bruce Brodeen, Not Lame Recording)
  • ‘You can expect to hear more about this intelligent pop singer/songwriter . . .’ (Jeff Clark, Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia)


What they said about Micah Gilbert’s former band, Magister Ludi . . .


  • ‘. . . Magister Ludi has become one of the more prominent and respected bands around this music town’ (K. Yeske, Flagpole, Athens, Georgia)
  • ‘This Athens-based band has bucketsful of appeal … [U]nlike anyone else. Hollies harmonies and R.E.M. punch’ (Michael B. Smith, Edge, Greenville, South Carolina)
  • ‘ML adheres to the pop ideal without bowing to the current slavish trends … This Athens combo tries on a nifty Hollies hat … with stately harmonies and ringing guitar hooks uncannily reminiscent at times of Postcard’ (Fred Mills, Creative Loafing, Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • ‘In addition to the melodies and hooks you’d expect from a great band, Magister Ludi offers music with message – or at least with intelligence’ (Betsy Shearron, Classic City Live, Athens, Georgia)
  • ‘What a concept: a band that wants you to use your head instead of bang it on a wall’ (Break, Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • ‘Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Beatles lived in Athens? Well, John would attend Magister Ludi shows and wish he had written their songs. Magister Ludi has a wonderful sound that cannot be ignored and also a knack for writing perfect pop songs’ (<emFlagpole, Athens, Georgia)
  • ‘Underground pop, strong vocals, infectious groove’ (Out ‘n About, Asheville, North Carolina)
  • ‘A funky blend of guitar, keyboard, and percussion lends to an infectious pop sound’ (The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
  • ‘The Ludis accomplish several difficult tasks. They’re literate without being pretentious, intense without being overbearing, fun without (always) being silly. . . . A must see’ (Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia)
  • ‘Magister Ludi’s songs are upbeat, ornate, colorful, pleasingly rich in fine details . . . tight-knit as a group, loaded with hooks and wry, thoughtful gems of insight as catchy as they are pointed’ (Jeff Payne, Flagpole, Athens, Georgia)
  • ‘We’d simply say they’re one of our favorite bands. They’re Magister Ludi, a breath of fresh musical air that can lead listeners to put on both their dancing shoes and their thinking caps’ (Classic City Live, Athens, GA)