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Some songs should be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple music, Google Play Music, etc, in early September 2016.


New updates have been made to the website. New musicians have been added to the “People” page.  

New “Other Artists” links.

There is a new Menu item on the site for other Artists. The first featured artist page is for my friend Lydia Eloff. Check it out here:   Lydia’s Blog

Long Slow Road

Long Slow Road A new version with Scott Forsyth on drums.   Long Slow Road – 2016 Recording by Micah Gilbert

Something new.

  A new song . . . Stay Another Day       © Micah Gilbert  

Another new song.

My new song. Hope you enjoy it. One Step Closer

Tales Of Love

Put a new recording up on Bandcamp of “Tales Of Love”


Thanks to everyone that went to Bandcamp and bought songs recently. This is much appreciated.

Fun in Liverpool

Had great buckets of fun playing music at the Cavern Club with Eric Chial, Mike Conroy, and Scott Forsyth @…/…/ipo-liverpool-2015/

Performance Update

The Cavern Club gig dates are as follows: Tuesday, May 12: The Cavern Club Back Stage 7:30 Micah Gilbert Wednesday, May 13: The Cavern Club Front Stage 9:15 Micah Gilbert Liverpool, U.K.


Cavern Club gig coming soon! Stay tuned.

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